BEATING HEARTS: Stories of Domestic Violence

The Window

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The Window

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First, he just wanted me to stop working. He was making plenty of money, and if I wasn't working, we could travel. This way, we wouldn't have to pay for two separate bank accounts either. He'd just give me any money I needed.

Then, he just wished I'd stop inviting my mother over. She always ended up criticizing me and getting me upset. Besides, she never really liked him, and he knew it.

Then, he didn't really approve of my best friend. After all, she's divorced and kind of wild. Every time she visits, he says I have a bad attitude for a few days.

Then, he decided we should sell my car. After all, I wasn't working or anything, so where would I be going that he couldn't go with me?

Then he began to unplug the phone and take it with him every day. I don't know why he didn't trust me enough to leave me with a phone. What if something happened to me? But he said I was just being paranoid.

Finally it got to where I never saw or spoke to anyone anymore. But I could look out the window and see the house across the pasture. The kids there wave at me sometimes. But today he took a hammer and nails and boarded up the window. He said I was spending all my time just looking out that window.

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