BEATING HEARTS: Stories of Domestic Violence

The Thing Is, He Wasn't Even Mad

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The Thing Is, He Wasn't Even Mad

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We hadn't been fighting or anything. We were going out to our property. We're going to build a house there, and we've started to clear it. He said we'd build a fire, let the kids cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows.

When we got there, he unloaded the truck and we walked over to where the house will be. And he got really quiet.

I hate it when he gets quiet like that.

Then he turned to me and his eyes scared me. He just stared at me, like a blind person does, without blinking.

And he told me he was going to get the back hoe, and after he dug the hole, he was putting me and the kids in it. He said the only thing he hadn't decided was whether he'd kill us first, or just bury us alive.

He wasn't even mad.

When he left, I got the kids and we started running through the woods, in the other direction. Jamie's only 3, so she couldn't keep up. I had to carry her a lot. We went over four miles, to the Citgo at the crossroads. I called my girlfriend and she came and got us. Then she drove us over 200 miles to a shelter where he might not look for me.

The thing is, he wasn't even mad.

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